How to Add Seetong Camera to Dahua – Kbvision Recorder

Hi guys, adding the same camera to the recorder of the same brand is quite simple, but sometimes we encounter the case that the camera & recorder are not the same company, to add the camera to the recorder will be a bit complicated. Today I will guide you to add Seetong IP Camera to Dahua – Kbvision DVR in a simple way

Step 1: You need to set static IP for Seetong IP Camera.

  • Config -> Network -> Ethernet Setup -> Disable DHCP then set the IP as you like, here I put the IP: -> Save

Step 2: Check the Onvif port, the default is web port 80 but you can also change to another port

Step 3: Lowered orange compression standard to H.264

  • Go to Media -> Video Encode -> Encode Format, downgrade both Main Stream &; Sub Stream to H.264 -> Save

Step 4: Proceed to add Seetong IP cam to Dahua recorder – Kbvision

  • Go to Settings -> Camera -> Camera List -> Manual Add
  • Select Manufactuer: Onvif then enter the parameters of Seetong IP camera -> OK

  • Green Status successfully connected Seetong IP camera to Dahua recorder – Kbvision

Thank you for following article – good luck!

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