Instructions for turning on or off IPC’s LLDP on Cloud Managed Switch for use on DoLynk Care

With broad compatibility between Dahua devices  such as Switch, IPC, PTZ, NVR & XVR, Dahua provides a smart surveillance solution designed for small to medium scenarios and managed switches through the cloud acts as a bridge on all devices. In this article, I will show you how to turn on and off the LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) mode of Cloud Managed Switch on DoLynk Care code DH-S4100 -8ET2GT-96-C

What is LLDP mode?
LLDP is the acronym for “Link Layer Discovery Protocol”, roughly translated as “Link Layer Discovery Protocol”, is a protocol that supports the IEEE 802.1ab standard, used to collect information of neighboring devices and will transmit this information to other devices on the system. This protocol operates at layer 2 (Layer Data Link) and can be used on many other device lines.
LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) is a link-level (Layer 2) network protocol used to collect and transmit information about devices directly connected to each other on the network. LLDP operates independently of any other network protocol and requires no prior configuration.
LLDP allows network devices to send information about itself and other directly connected devices on the same network, including information about device names, IP addresses, communication ports, VLAN information, latency and bandwidth, etc. This information can be used for network monitoring and management.
LLDP is widely used in Ethernet networks and has been adopted as the IEEE 802.1AB standard. LLDP can be used with network devices from many different manufacturers and can be supported by many network monitoring software to help network administrators better understand the structure and operation of the network.
When you turn on LLDP mode on the IPC, the cameras will display on Dolynkcare’s connection diagram. Currently, my IPC does not have LLDP enabled, so the connection diagram only displays 1 Switch device, so that the cameras shown on the connection diagram so we can configure live camera viewing… on Dolynk Care, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1: For interface camera 5.0, go to Settings --> Network --> Basic Services --> Enalbe LLDP --> Apply

Step 2: For interface camera 3.0, go to Settings --> System --> Safety--> System Service --> Enalbe LLDP --> Save

Step 3: In the Topology section, the cameras included in your system are displayed

After enabling the LLDP feature, you can view the camera directly on the Dolynkcare platform without software

After enabling the LLDP feature, you can view camera parameters, log into the camera with a remote web browser directly on the Dolynkcare platform without software

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