Join Dahua to conquer the AI era with HDCVI 2023 technology: Clear vision, Smart monitoring

June 27, 2023/Hangzhou, China. Dahua Technology, the world’s leading provider of video-centric AIoT services and solutions, launches HDCVI 2023 technology as a way to mark the continuation of its 10-year milestone in leading analog technology in the era of high-resolution imaging, providing customers worldwide with AI-enabled Over-Coax technology.

High quality HD image signal transmission technology via coaxial cable, or HDCVI for short, is a video over coaxial cable standard that allows HD images to be transmitted over long distances (up to 1,200m) with all 4 signals (audio, video, data and power) using just one coaxial cable connecting the camera and XVR hard drive. This year’s HDCVI 2023 technology offers a range of intelligent functions that allow installers and users to achieve one-step HD monitoring without additional configuration.

True 5MP 2.0 mode

Real 5MP mode is a unique and leading technology in the HD-over-Coax market that supports a 16:9 aspect ratio, more vivid colors, and better image sharpness. This year, Dahua launched the real 5MP 2.0 mode (available on the XVR5000-I3 series), which allows users to achieve true 5MP resolution at a reasonable price. True 5MP Mode and 5M-N Mode can be flexibly switched to meet different resolution requirements.

In addition, HDCVI 2023 technology also offers 2 5MP solutions (5MP Pro and 5MP popular) to meet different customer needs (the 5MP Pro solution is recommended for users who require higher performance and more power).

Smart dual lighting

HDCVI 2023’s Smart Dual Illumination feature captures videos in full color and information about key events in the monitored scene. It has the ability to switch between warm light and infrared light when detecting a target, effectively reducing light pollution. It accurately detects real targets and filters out false alarms using deep learning algorithms from AI XVR. Just one click on DMSS application, it can flexibly switch lighting mode. In addition, it supports the Set Lighting Schedule function to customize the user’s security based on their time choice.

PT Camera

With HDCVI 2023 technology, the PT camera is upgraded with a compact design and supports horizontal and vertical rotation, allowing for wider coverage, with no dead corners. The IP66 feature ensures flexible use indoors or outdoors. It adopts a quick installation design (suitable for wall mounts and ceiling mounts) that allows quick and convenient installation to save time.

It is also equipped with Smart Lighting technology that allows the camera to automatically adjust brightness and exposure intensity, achieving the best light fill performance and restoring more details of the monitored scene.


A final key element of HDCVI 2023 technology is the S-XVR hard drive. Previously, XVRs were required to store video information on HDDs. But the drawback of HDDs is that there is no capacity option of less than 1TB, the price is more expensive, difficult to choose. The newly released S-XVR hard drive has an SSD inside, which offers various benefits for installers and users:

  • Cost savings: Helps save up to 15% of storage costs compared to conventional HDD solutions.
  • Clever: The AI Encryption feature in the S-XVR hard drive focuses on human and media targets while encoding, ensuring the image quality of the target while ensuring 50% bandwidth and storage cost savings compared to H.265. It has an SMD Plus that can recognize human and vehicle figures based on motion detection, which greatly reduces false alarms. It also offers a Quick Search function (with options for various types of human and media triggers) that greatly improves search efficiency.
  • Stable: Dahua SSDs are equipped with superior 3D TLC NAND FLASH and D.L.B.A. (Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm), which ensures stable operation, improves product performance and extends service life.
  • Unshakeable: In situations where 24/7 operation is required, the S-XVR can save at least 38kWh of power per year, equivalent to the power consumption of a 3W LED for about 3 years. It has superior power saving advantages over HDD solution.
  • Simple: The built-in SSD in the Dahua S-XVR hard drive can greatly reduce installation time, saving customers time in selecting hard drives, calculating hard drive capacity and considering compatibility issues. In addition, Dahua provides customers with SSD-compatible programs. Users simply purchase the Dahua SSD and upgrade from their traditional XVR.

In the future, HDCVI technology will continue to lead Over-Coax technology in the AI era. Dahua will continue to enhance its sensor capabilities on the front-end and intelligent application capabilities on the backend to enable more coaxial intelligent IoT solutions and create more value for customers worldwide.


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