Guide to extend computer drive space on Windows

Hi everyone, after a while using the computer, we often encounter the case that a disk partition you have divided is full, you want to convert the capacity of D to C drive, in this article I will guide you in detail, here I use MiniTool Partition Wizard software Free version

Step 1: Download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard software

  • You download the software here and install and select Language English -> OK 

  • Select Continue Installing free edition -> Next

  • Select the items as shown below and then click Next 

  • Select the software installation path then click Next

  • Wait for a moment for the software to finish installing, click Finish to complete the software installation process

Step 2: Proceed to expand the disk space you need

  • As shown below, you can see drive C has a capacity of 43.1GB, drive D has a capacity of 16.5GB. Here I will take D drive space to transfer to C drive.

  • You right-click on drive C and select Extend

  • Then you move the number 1 bar to the exact amount of D drive that you want to extend for C drive, click OK

  • Select Apply to proceed with capacity expansion

  • Select Yes

  • You wait a while for the software to convert the capacity, then click OK to enjoy the results.

  • Done, you can see the picture below the C drive capacity has increased and D drive has decreased.

Thank you for following article!

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