Instructions to open port (NAT Port) modem Draytek Vigor 2920, 2925, 300B, 2926, 2912, 3220

Step 1: Log in to Draytek Modem

  • Log in to the modem by opening a web browser and typing : or (default). It will appear the interface of the modem and ask to log in.
  • The username and password default of this modem is usually written on the stamp below the modem. Default is: admin/admin
  • Usually, you can log in right away, the password is wrong because it has been changed. Contact the operator’s switchboard for support.

Step 2: Open port on Draytek Modem

  • After logging in to the modem, select  NAT -> Open Ports -> Index (1.) respectively as shown below::
  • Click the number to set 1. set. After clicking on it, the  NAT Port interface will appear, we add  Port  as shown below::
  1. Enter the static IP address of the DVR, for example, your DVR has a static IP of
  2. The Protocol section you selected is all TCP & UDP
  3. Start Port and End Port you fill in the same. My home camera has 3 Ports, I fill in 3 lines: 80, 34567, 34599
  4. Press OK to finish
  • After clicking  OK , the interface as shown below is completed, adding NAT:

Step 3: Check the result of opening the port

After opening the port. You need to check if your port is open or not.

  • By going to the  page, you select the  Port Check item.
  • The browser will redirect to another page here you do the following:: 
  • Click on the number after the words Your IP is
  • In the IP address or host name box, that sequence of numbers will appear
  • In the  Port Number  box, enter the ports you have opened. press  Go.
  • If the results are like the picture above, you are successful. If the picture below shows you have not been successful, you need to check the steps above.

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