How to Install and Download Microsoft Office 2019 Full Installer

Today I will share with you how to download and install Microsoft Office 2019 software in a simple way that anyone can do

1. What’s new in Microsoft Office 2019?

Microsoft Office 2019
Office 2019 brings a lot of improvements compared to the previous version, details are as follows:
  • Add freehand drawing with pencil
  • Add some new chart types in Word and Excel
  • Upgrade cloud features
  • Adds the ability to bring 3D character models to PowerPoint.
  • Support Black Theme night interface, support voice control feature (Word).

2. How to get Microsoft Office 2019

Step 1. Download Microsoft Office 2019 at the following path:

Step 2. The downloaded file will be named “ProPlus2019Retail.img”, you need to rename it to “ProPlus2019Retail.iso” before installing.
Note: If the file name does not display the extension, select View > tick File name extensions.

Step 3. Extract the ProPlus2019Retail.iso file, or select Mount the installation file to the virtual drive on your computer


Step 4. Launch the “Setup.exe” installation file in the extracted folder.


Step 5. The installation process will take place completely automatically in a few minutes, after completing you can try Office 2019 for a period of 1 month before deciding to pay the license fee

Office 2019

So I have shared you how to download Microsoft Office 2019. Good luck. If you feel good, don’t forget to leave 1 like and share for me.

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