How to Add an Imou Camera to a Kbvision Video Recorder

Today I will share with you how to add Camera Imou to the Kbvision DVR on the lines in a simple way

Step 1: Set up a static IP for the Imou camera

After you have initiated the connection of Camera Imou to your network, it is necessary to set up a static IP for Camera Imou to avoid the situation that when the power goes out, the Camera jumps another IP address will lead to loss of connection Camera added to the Kbvision DVR
  • You can use KB Config Tool or Config Tool software to download here
  • Then go to Modify IP -> Check and select Camera -> Search Setting


  • Next, enter the Password of Camera Imou in the Password section – The default Camera Imou password is the Safety Code line, 8 characters stamped on the Camera or another password if you have changed it

  • Next, click on the word Edit -> Static and enter the parameters in the section below such as:
    • Target IP: – Static IP Address Camera Imou
    • Subnet Mask: – According to the modem subnet
    • Gateway: – Modem IP Address
    • Then click OK to save the configuration

  • The status of the blue check mark as shown is that the static IP has been set successfully, if you report the exclamation mark, you try to restart and check the Camera password again

Step 2: Switch the compression standard of Camera Imou

In case you need to add Camera Imou to the old video recorders that only support H.264 compression, you need to convert the Camera Imou image compression standard to H.264, while the new recorders that later support H.265 do not need to be transferred

  • To switch Camera Imou to H.264, follow these steps:

Step 3: Add Imou Camera to KBvision DVR

After logging in to the recorder, go to Setup -> Camera -> Registration -> Manual Add

Then enter the information of Camera Imou as below

Green leopard status successfully connected

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