How to Sign Up for Cloud Omada Free

Hi everyone, today I will share with you how to register for Cloud Omada completely free from TP-Link

1. What is Cloud Omada Free ?

Cloud Omada is a platform that integrates network devices including APs, Switches, and Routers. Provides 100% centralized cloud management, to create a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface.

2. Sign up for Cloud Omada

Step 1: Go to Website click Sign Up to proceed with account registration

Step 2: Fill in the information then click Sign Up

Step 3: Click Go To Login

Step 4: Check the confirmation email on Tp-link, click Click to Finish Registration to complete account registration

Step 5: Fill in the Cloud Free registration form at the link:

Step 6: Check your email and click on the link and select confirm to activate

Step 7: Log in to your account and check that Cloud has successfully registered

Step 8: Please check TP-Link’s mail and use TP-Link’s IP Server: to push your device to the Cloud.

Thank you for following article!

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