How to open the port (NAT Port) of the BUFFALO router

Today I will share with you how to open the port (Nat port) Router Buffalo similar lines

Step 1: Log in to the Buffalo Router

  • Log in to your modem by opening your web browser and typing (default or optional). It will appear the router’s interface and ask to log in.

Step 2: Proceed to Nat port

Go to Nat/QoS -> Port Forwarding -> Add
Next, enter the IP address and Port of the device you want to open the Port, here I for example enter the following information:
  • Application: As you please, set
  • Protocol: Both
  • Port From, Port to: Enter the port you want to open. This example is port: 8888
  • IP Address: enter the IP address that needs NAT, This example NAT port of Camera has IP:
  • Check the Enalble box
  • Then click Save to save the open port configuration

Step 3: Check port opening results

After opening the port. You need to check if your port has opened or not.
  • By going to the following page, select Port Check.
  • The browser will redirect to another page where you do the following:
  • Click on the number after the words Your IP is
  • In the IP address or host name box, that number will appear
  • In the Port Number box, enter the ports you have opened. click Go.
  • If the result as shown above is that you have succeeded On the contrary, as shown below, you have not succeeded, it is necessary to check the steps above.

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